15 September 2012

Angry birds 2

Rainbow vanilla cake with chocolate filling! Yummyyyyyy!!!!

14 September 2012

Angry birds birthday cake!

Chocolate cake with cheese cream!

Candy cookies gifts

Great gifts for a 3rd class children!!

29 June 2012


Vany Kitchen is going on vacation! Im back from August 15 with great news! Happy holidays!!!

Spring cookies

Spring cookies to offer!! Hope they liked :)

3 June 2012

Just to snack....

On a special day... we had some delicious snacks!

Tiramisu cake


Brioche and nutella

So delicious for your tea ou even breakfast! Do you want the recipie?? just email me!

Gift box

Another great gift box!

1st communion!

Lovely party favors or a great gift for a special day!

13 May 2012

Party favors- 1st Communion/ Baptism

For Baptism, 1st communion! Any color! Can be customized! Contact me

Party favors - 1st Communion/ Baptism

For Baptism, 1st Communion! Any color! Can be customized! Contact me


My brioche with patisserie cream!! so yummy for tea :)

9 April 2012

Profiteroles and Duchesses!!!

On my Easter table, we had this!! Ohhh sooooo yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

Irish gif box!

Irish theme!!!

11 March 2012

2 March 2012

Gif box - Butterflies

A very special order!!!

25 February 2012

St Patricks!!

My garden have......

Sugar vanilla cookies Handmade decorated!!

3 February 2012

Birthday Party!!!

Chocolate or vanilla cookies!
Colors available!
Themes available!

Tea Party!!!

Chocolate or vanilla cookies!
Diferent colors available!
Orders available!

Valentines Day!!

Chocolate or vanilla cookies!!!
You can choose colors and theme :)
I do everything for your party!!

9 January 2012

Happy 2012

To all my friends and costumers!!!!